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About Us
ReaMetrix, Inc. is an Indian-based biotechnology company founded on core fundamentals that have driven the success of the Silicon Valley technology industry. As with the early Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, we are working to build a company culture that provides talented Indian scientists with an environment where they have freedom to exercise their training, skills and imagination while building corporate value. Our egalitarian approach allows us to encourage and reward initiative throughout our organization. Our people are the key to our success.

Our Products
Our product focus is the development of medical diagnostic solutions from a global perspective. We believe that diagnostics that are designed initially for the Indian market will ultimately have a global impact on the industry. We intend to use the “Indian Opportunity” as an incubation center for the development of products with an international niche. To learn more about our vision for the future of diagnostics, please visit our web page: “Affordable Diagnostics”.

Our Strategy
ReaMetrix employs a highly process driven, cost-efficient approach to product development. We demonstrate our commitment to quality through highly developed, Six Sigma-based standardization processes, ISO 9001 certification and CE marking of our diagnostic products. We not only make products that are more applicable to the Indian market, but we do it better, resulting in higher quality products. For more information on Process Control at ReaMetrix, please visit our web page: “Process is our Product”.
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