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Vision & Mission

ReaMetrix is committed to becoming the leading provider of high quality research and diagnostic assay solutions resulting in a transformation of the cost opportunities available in India into value for both the biotechnology and global health sectors. We believe Indian resources bring significant value to identifying and addressing the health care needs of the developing world, and that the resulting products will often translate into more affordable alternatives in the developed world. Our business model is uniquely suited to addressing each context on its own terms.
We have the unique capability to address local markets with local resources and a local viewpoint. This gives us a strong competitive edge against Western companies who attempt to import technology into the developing world, or simply use developing nations as sources of low cost labor. We believe that a local stake in the outcome is absolutely necessary to assure economic sustainability. The health care market is in need of sea change to address barren pipelines and orphaned diseases. In particular, tremendous business opportunities to address healthcare problems in the developing world remain untapped by the Western research and pharmaceutical community. The research efficiency provided by ReaMetrix will be integral to these coming changes.

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