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Reagents for Leukemia and Lymphoma Immunophenotyping

Product Description

ReaPan oncology reagents are designed for routine use in the flow cytometry-based immunophenotyping of leukemias and lymphomas. The reagents have been developed using workshop approved antibody clones, and are provided as a liquid in a stabilized buffer solution pre-titrated for use on a per-test basis. ReaPan oncology reagents are designed to work on open flow cytometry systems.


ReaMetrix offers these products at 10 tests per vial to make these products convenient even for laboratories that do not process large numbers of patient samples. The reagents can be purchased as needed, and maintenance of a large inventory of excess reagent is not necessary.


To offer customers the highest level of flexibiity, ReaPan reagents can be customized into individualized panels to meet specific requests. ReaMetrix will mix and match antibodies and fluorophores to create specific reagent sets for individual customers. Additionally, ReaMetrix can provide custom packaging of individual reagents in bulk for laboratories that process patient samples at medium to high throughput. Highly competitive bulk pricing is available.

Quality Control

ReaPan Oncology reagents are manufactured at ReaMetrix’s ISO 9001 certified facility under strict process control guidelines. Each individual reagent is tested against both cell lines and patient samples to ensure optimal performance in our customer’s hands.
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